FORUM is a space for questions.

Its a place to provoke deep questions about faith, a place to provide a space in which these questions can be examined, a place to prepare folk to live as authentic Christians in every aspect of their life. If the Gospel is what we think it is, then pursuing truth and asking the hard questions will only deepen the trust we have in it, sharpen our ability to explain it and expand our desire to worship.

Dr. Patrick Mitchel of the Irish Bible Institute, co-leader of FORUM at MCC.

Dr. Patrick Mitchel, leader of the FORUM ministry, enjoying the conversation at FORUM

We meet on a bi-monthly basis. We usually start with tea and coffee and biscuits and chat and lots of pleasant small talk. Its important to get that stuff out of the way before we launch into the real stuff we come to discuss! One of the FORUM leaders opens the discussion with a short introduction to the topic and a framework for how to proceed. This is just to help us guide us away from any delicious but distracting digressions that might make themselves available. Then we get debating and discussing and that can go on for an hour and a half or more. Often, a group continue the conversation in a local drinking tavern.

FORUM is for everyone who would like to come. Whether you are a believer or not at all convinced, whether you are a member of MCC or not.

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