MCC Office


The MCC Office Team is the administrative engine of MCC. Made up of both volunteers who staff and take care of our Resource Centre and members who co-ordinate MCC’s activity remotely, the office team make sure everything runs well. From making sure our calendar is up to date, to preparing bulletins for Sunday worship to helping the hospitality team choose the best possible coffee, these are the guys who link teams together, link ministries to people and basically keep MCC running.

MCC Resource Centre

The MCC Resource Centre is located centrally on Main Street Maynooth above the Permanent TSB bank. We have put this little humble room to a variety of functions over the years.

Typically open from Tuesdays to Fridays, it is the hub and centrepoint of our church life during the week. It is the home of our administrative team. It is a drop-in centre for people to enjoy a coffee and a chat. It is the place where our staff can most usually be found. It is the venue for our team meetings, much of our public meetings and our womens BIble study. It is also the centre of our counselling service.

We have also have a small book store stocking a wide range of Bibles and some of the better Christian books on the market. Feel free to drop in anytime for a coffee and a chat.

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